Protect Our Paradise Docuseries Premiering in July

Posted on June 27, 2023

Orlando, Fla. (June 27, 2023) — Protect Our Paradise, presented by Conservation Florida, an exciting new original docuseries, explores Florida’s wild, wonderful places and examines environmental issues that threaten their existence. This six-episode docuseries is a joint venture of Crawford Entertainment and Conservation Florida, two Florida-based organizations partnering to “Protect Our Paradise.”

"Protecting Florida's land and water is what will keep Florida, Florida," said Traci Deen, President and CEO at Conservation Florida. "Protect our Paradise brings awareness to the places we love and conveys the urgency that these places need to survive. The viewers response to these stories will write Florida's next chapter."

The series examines the obstacles confronting Florida and acts as a driving force for promoting conservation across the entire state. Every episode will showcase a distinctive facet of Florida's environment and highlight individuals dedicated to safeguarding its wildlife, untamed landscapes, and pristine waters.

The series will include the following episodes:

  • Episode 1: Our Corridor: This episode focuses on the hidden wonders and current challenges of the 18 million acre Florida Wildlife Corridor and the incredible efforts towards its conservation.

  • Episode 2: Our Water: This episode focuses on the magic of Florida's bodies of waters and the unprecedented efforts towards water quality and conservation that are shaping our future.

  • Episode 3: Our Land: This episode focuses on Florida’s land and how it's being used, saved, and changed.

  • Episode 4: Our Growth: This episode focuses on growth in the Sunshine State and how its impact is changing wild Florida.

  • Episode 5: Our Coasts: This episode focuses on the majesty of the coasts of Florida and the flora and fauna they provide habitat to.

  • Episode 6: Our Wildlife: This episode focuses on Florida's Wildlife, including native and endangered species, and strides to save their habitats - and prevent their extinction.

Spearheaded by the critically acclaimed  host  of How to Do Florida, Chad Crawford,  the show will initially  air on ABC, CBS, and NBC.  

"This has been the most epic and eye-opening series to take on," said Chad Crawford, Creative Director at Crawford Entertainment. "My hope is that this inspires Floridians to stand up and protect our paradise. I’m so thankful for our partner, Conservation Florida, for helping make this important series a reality."

The docuseries, Protect Our Paradise, presented by Conservation Florida, will shine a spotlight on the significant efforts of conservationists who are at the forefront of preserving Florida's natural wonders. Alongside showcasing the work of these conservationists throughout the state, the show will also emphasize the importance of Florida's land, water, wildlife, and the indispensable natural infrastructure that serves as Florida's lifeblood.

Conservation Florida’s mission to protect wild and agricultural landscapes has never been more important because of the tremendous pressure being placed on Florida’s ecosystems in this day and time. As a statewide land conservancy, the organization has saved over 30,000 acres across the Florida Wildlife Corridor since its inception.

Florida is the third-most populous state in the nation, growing by nearly 1,000 newcomers each day. We’re projected to exceed 30 million residents by 2060. With this comes a greater demand for water and the development of rural and natural lands for urban use. How we manage our natural resources over the next 10 years – what we save and what we pave – will undoubtedly determine Florida’s conservation future and the future of Florida as a whole.

Protect our Paradise, presented by Conservation Florida will raise awareness about the pressing necessity of collective efforts to safeguard Florida's precious natural resources. Crucially, the series will provide viewers with actionable steps they can take to contribute.


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