Documentary explores how growth is affecting Florida's wildlife and natural spaces

Posted on July 21, 2023

The series will shine a spotlight on the significant efforts of conservationists who are at the forefront of preserving the environment.

Recent estimates show Florida’s population increasing to more than 25 million people in 2032.

With this comes a greater demand for water and the development of rural and natural lands for urban use.

The new six-part documentary series, "Protect Our Paradise," explores Florida's natural spaces and examines the environmental issues that threaten them.

The documentary, which will air on TV stations in Tampa Bay and Sarasota, will also debut on the Discover Florida Channel on the web this fall. It's hosted and produced by Chad Crawford, creator of the channel's "How to Do Florida," which is now in its 12th season in partnership with Conservation Florida.

"This has been the most epic and eye-opening series to take on," said Crawford. "My hope is that this inspires Floridians to stand up and protect our paradise. I’m so thankful for our partner, Conservation Florida, for helping make this important series a reality."

Each episode will showcase a different issue threatening Florida's environment from water quality to over development.

Frances Nevill, of Conservation Florida, says the series brings awareness to Florida's natural spaces and conveys the urgency that these places need to survive.

"It's a great journey with people who are absolutely devoted to protecting wild Florida," Nevill said.

Nevill added that the response from viewers will help determine Florida's future.

"Close your eyes and think about the places in Florida that you love the most," Nevill said. "Rivers, lakes, shoreline, fishing, hiking trails. Your support of conservation in Florida will make all the difference toward ensuring that those places are still protected for generations to come."

The first episode of the series will explore the 18-million-acre Florida Wildlife Corridor, and the ongoing efforts toward its conservation.

A special screening will air at Grove Roots Brewing Company in Winter Haven on Friday, July 28.


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