Clay Henderson:A History of Land Conservation

Posted on March 16, 2024

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Clay Henderson has had a long career as an environmental lawyer, educator, and writer. He has served as president of Florida Audubon Society and Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, as well as two terms as Volusia county commissioner. Until his retirement in 2019, he served as Executive Director of the Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience at Stetson University.

As a writer, he has been published in both law reviews and scientific journals extensively. His new book Forces of Nature (University Press of Florida 2022) is an environmental history of Florida. 

One thing I noticed when reading Forces of Nature is that the story of Florida’s conservation isn’t beginning, it has been happening for over 100 years. In fact, my perspective has shifted enough that I would say we are approaching the end of the story of Florida’s conservation, in the sense of the future of our land, versus the beginning. 




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